60 Minute Massage

90 Minute Massage

120 Minute Massage

Optional Add Ons

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage involves a series of slower, higher pressure strokes that aims to affect the deeper tissue structure of tight muscles. This type of massage focuses on releasing chronic, long-term muscle tension and aiding in recovering from muscle injuries.

Trigger Point

Trigger point massage relies on direct and extended pressure to specific parts of the body to promote muscle relief and pain release.


Sports massage is geared towards athletes of any kind and focuses on areas of the body that are worn down from repeated use during athletic activity. This type of massage aims to improve flexibility and decrease recovery time from extensive athletic use of muscles.


In addition to the typical physical benefits of massage therapy, prenatal massage is especially beneficial for the mental health of women in pregnancy. Prenatal massage diminishes common discomforts associated with pregnancy such as headaches, stiff neck and back, and leg cramps.


Essential oils added to your massage to increase relaxation, reduce pain, and improve your mood.